Our Mission

Cycle for Africa seeks to PROMOTE cycling, PROTECT the environment and PARTNER health, education and environmental projects in Africa.

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Our Work

Get Involved

I know that you would love to take part in an amazing cycling adventure and do it for a purpose in order to make the world a better place. Let me tell you this – you can! Organise a great cycling adventure and raise funds for Cycle for Africa and be part of the movement. If you would like to Get Involved then please press HERE.

Please Donate

This Charity has a wonderful mission and it is this:- It wants to get more of us on our bikes to improve the quality of life with our communities and reduce the effects of carbon emissions that seem to fall the hardest on the poor in Africa. It also wishes to promote cycling to support mental and physical wellbeing. If you wish to be part of that movement then please DONATE today by clicking here.

Primate Conservation

As part of our mission Cycle for Africa would like to offer FREE environmental education materials for secondary school teachers and educators. These resources are part of The African Primate Program created by an MSc Primate Conservation student with the aims to…

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