Cycling in the local community….

Everyone who loves to ride a bike knows what great benefits we receive. Peddling through the great outdoors clears the mind and can act as a distraction from everyday worries. We can travel great distances, visit interesting sites and get to know new people. Cycling helps the mind. There is no doubt that if you cycle several times a week – possibly to go shopping, the daily commute or just for leisure – then you are going to lose weight and get fit. Cycling helps us keep fit. If we use our bikes more often and leave the car at home, we are going to reduce carbon emissions and reclaim our local communities. The air will be fresher, and we will see and meet more people. Cycling helps the environment. Cycle for Africa aims to support people of all ages get back on their bike and leave their car at home. We also want to keep Boris to his pledge of increasing proper (not stupid painted lines on roads) cycle routes throughout the United Kingdom (and hopefully beyond).

We can all Cycle for Africa!

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