Primate Conservation

As part of our mission Cycle for Africa would like to offer FREE environmental education materials for secondary school teachers and educators. These resources are part of The African Primate Program created by an MSc Primate Conservation student with the aims to…

• Provide a basic understanding of ecology.
• Communicate environmental issues and foster an interest in the African environment and/or primatology.
• Improve attitudes towards the African environment and primates.

The African Primate Program offers three courses (Nature, Primates and Coexistence) all of which are 2/3 lessons long. Each course comes with a workbook (called the field notebook) packed full of games and activities for the students to enjoy.

Which course is for me?

Primates: This course is for anyone interested in primates. It looks at the diversity of African primates, the threats they face and their conservation.

Nature: The nature course closely follows the curriculum and looks at wildlife in Africa. It includes simple classification of animals, ecosystem relationships (specifically food chains and food webs) and conservation.

Coexistence: This course is aimed at educators living in areas in which there are human-primate interactions (or people interested in these interactions). The course covers African primate diversity, why we should care about primates and how to live safely alongside primates.

Photo Credits: Bearder, S. (Angwantibo); de Chenu, F. (Macaque video); Easter, B. (Baboon x4 and vervet monkey x3); Mawdsley, C. (Baboon with infant x2, vervet monkey with infant); Pimley, E. (Potto); Svensson, G. (galago).